Keyword research

Keyword research is highly important when you need to understand what people (basically, your target audience) search for, how they do it, and how you can optimize your content so that people could find it.

Utilize the power of Keyword Research

After you get this information, you can organize your website better for both users and search engines (which will boost your SEO). For instance, you can find specific queries with high potential (high volume) and low competition. Targeting such quieries will push your website to the top of Google with higher chances, positioning your business as a primary problem solver for customers. By providing high-quality solutions to customer problems, your online reputation will grow and you will achieve higher rankings in SERPs absolutely organically.

Or you can check what keywords your competitors are targeting. Doing so will not only help you identify what you’re missing, but also expand your list of ideas. Similar to keyword research, competitor keyword analysis helps you better focus your content creation process. You’ll know which keywords your audience is searching for, which competitors are creating keywords for that content, and how difficult it is to outperform your competitors when creating competitive content. Or even you’ll be able to discover a popular keyword with low amount of solution solvers and will get hundreds of visitors.